The children of Uganda need our support

With your help, we’re making a lasting difference in the lives of children living in one of Kampala’s poorest slums.

Changing lives in the slum on a swamp

Bridge Christian Ministries is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable children of Uganda. Here, in one of Kampala’s poorest slums, children are receiving free, life-changing education and the chance to play safely. Now, our school originally built for thirty students is creaking at capacity. That’s where you co me in!

How we help

Our aim is to assist vulnerable children and orphans in Nateete, a destitute slum in Uganda. These are the four resources we’re raising funds for to support our cause.


210 students are receiving an education at New Seasons Nursery and Primary School. Many more want to enrol.


For most of the children in Nateete, the school is the only place where they can have a clean drink of water.


We want to provide every school child with a free breakfast. Many of them receive very little food at home.


We want to provide free basic healthcare to the school children who are suffering from illness and malnutrition.

Leading the team

A gentle giant with a heart of gold, Haggai takes a holistic approach to helping children. By enrolling them in school, they receive an education, nourishing meals, a safe space to play and access to the only clean water in the area.

A school of safety and possibility

Every morning, 210 children pile into New Seasons School and the church hall that are home to Bridge Christian Ministries.

The classrooms may be cramped and dark but the children cherish this haven of hope. While they love to sing and play, these little ones know that school is an important step that will unlock their employment one day. Importantly, the school is also a symbol of safety.

Disease and danger surround the children

Like many slums in Africa, Nateete is bustling with children – and many more want to attend school. Those who can’t are locked out of shack houses when their parents leave to look for work. On muddy streets, littered in garbage, they’re left to wander without food or clean water. When it rains, the roads flood with sewerage because this slum was literally built on a swamp. Without adequate drainage, disease and danger surround the children of Nateete.

There for the community


Bridge Christian Church

Bridge Christian Church is one of the very few Christian churches in the area and every Sunday, the pastoral team share the Gospel with anyone and everyone that may come.

Community Outreach

BCM often arrange community outreach and entertainment to build rapport and connection. Football matches, home visits and music concerts are all part of the program.

Ready to help?

Become a blessing to one of the children at New Seasons Nursery and Primary School by sponsoring them. Email Haggai to find out how.

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