Help children break free
from extreme poverty

The people of Nateete are struggling to survive. Disease and danger surround the children. We’re on a mission to transform their lives by helping them gain access to clean water, food, healthcare and a quality education. Your donation will help us to save lives and empower the community for generations to come.

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With the support of partner non-profits and companies, we’ve been able to build a school and install the only water source in the slum of Nateete. Together, we’ve identified four areas of focus that will help us make an even bigger impact in the lives of children and their families.

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Expand New Seasons School

Thanks to our generous sponsors, children are receiving a free education at New Seasons Nursery and Primary School. However, as the popularity of the school grows, so does the number of children applying to attend. Right now, there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate all the children who are desperate to enrol.

The lack of space is a major challenge for the school’s administrators, teachers, and children, who must find creative ways to make do with the limited resources available to them. The humble classrooms are cramped and the adjoining church accommodates three classes at a time without any partition walls. 

Sponsor a child’s school fees for $40 a month or donate towards our school expansion.

Access to clean water

There is a major water and sanitation crisis in Nateete. People are under the constant threat of disease due to the lack of latrines, water and hygiene assistance.

New Seasons School has one tap that serves all the children and surrounding community. However, this water isn’t clean and has to be boiled before people can drink it. If not boiled, it’s common for people to suffer from typhoid, diarrhoea and other related diseases. 

When we can, we boil water from the tap and put it in a big bucket for the children to drink. This process is time-consuming and costly because it requires charcoal and a cook. With the whole community drinking from one tap, we are struggling to pay our huge water bill.

We want to install additional taps and other water sources that will be distributed throughout the community. These include a community borehole, an underground tank and a sustainable water well in the community.

Sponsor a tap or other community water source.

Access to daily meals

Most families in Nateete live on less than one meal per day. Malnutrition is a pervasive problem and one of the leading causes of death among children.

On a typical day at New Seasons School, the children arrive on an empty stomach and end up dozing and yawning before class starts.

During break time, many run to the streets to look for something to eat. If they’re lucky, it’s boiled banana and beans. Out of desperation, some end up stealing and are taken to the police if they don’t find a merciful person.

The government requires that every school child receives one meal a day at school but we haven’t had the funds to provide this. We know that proper nutrition is essential for cognitive development and can greatly improve a child’s ability to learn. Our goal is to provide every school child with a balanced, nutritious breakfast.

Sponsor a child’s breakfast for $25 a week.

Access to health care

Many of the children are suffering from malnutrition, water-borne diseases and HIV/AIDS. Without access to healthcare, they’re forced to drop out of school.

When possible, we’ve provided children with basic medical assistance but this has been done on a personal level by the BCM team. The children also received nutritious food and clean water, and as a result, their health improved significantly. Happily, many have been able to return to school and continue their education.

We want to employ a full-time nurse at New Seasons School to ensure the children receive regular check-ups and immediate care in urgent cases.

There is also a huge need among the community for care relating to mental health issues, epilepsy and drug rehabilitation. We would like to offer counselling and a rehabilitation program with a visiting professional psychiatrist and social worker. A mobile ambulance could also save lives during emergencies.

Give a gift towards children’s healthcare.

Our partners

100% of our income is provided by two Australian organisations, Droplets In a Stream and The Entrepreneurial Business School. Using their professional skills and experience, both organisations mentor, advise and resource BCM to create positive, lasting change. 

All donations are processed securely by Droplets In A Stream (DIAS) and 100% of each gift is transferred directly to Bridge Christian Ministries. DIAS is a registered charity in Australia (CH 2072) – ABN 97 148 011 410.  All donations over $2 qualify for a tax-deductible receipt.

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Become a blessing to one of the children at New Seasons Nursery and Primary School by sponsoring them. Email Haggai to find out how.

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