New Seasons Nursery and Primary School

Our humble school in the heart of a slum provides free education to children living in Kampala.

Here, they are being equipped with knowledge and life-skills to change their own world and create a better future for their children. 

Building a brighter tomorrow, together.

Every morning, children pile into New Seasons School and the church hall that are home to Bridge Christian Ministries.

The classrooms may be cramped and dark but the children cherish this haven of hope.  While they love to sing and dance, these little ones know that school is not just fun and games, but an important step that will unlock their employment one day. Importantly, the school is also a symbol of safety.

Keeping children safe

Like many slums in Africa, Nateete is bustling with children. Come the morning, they’re locked out of shack houses when their parents leave to look for work.

On the muddy streets, littered in garbage, they’re left to wander around without anything to eat. When the rain falls, the roads flood with sewerage because this slum is literally built on a swamp. Without adequate drainage systems, disease and danger surround the children of Nateete.

Right now, 210 children have found safety and support at the school but many more are desperate to enrol.

The challenge we're determined to solve

The school originally built for thirty students is way over capacity. As the popularity of New Seasons Nursery and Primary School grows, so does the number of children applying to attend.  

Currently, there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate all the children who want to study there. The lack of space is a major challenge for the school’s administrators, teachers, and children, who must find creative ways to make do with the limited resources available to them

Will you help us grow?

Our classrooms are small and our adjoining church hall accommodates three classes at the same time without any partition walls.

Despite their struggles, the children are determined to learn and thrive in their studies, and they are eager for the chance to attend a school that can provide them with the quality education they need. 

We are urgently trying to raise funds to expand the school to ensure that the children can continue to grow and learn in a safe and supportive setting.

Four Core Goals

Although the school is steadfast in its mission, it still faces several challenges such as limited space, flooding during the rainy season, feeding difficulties, healthcare struggles, and a lack of access to clean water. The good news is that we have identified four vital resources that can make a difference in the lives of the children attending this school.


The school built for 30 students is bursting at the seams with 210 students. Many more children are eager to enrol and receive a life-changing education.


The school only has one tap to serve all the students and surrounding community. Before people can drink this water, it has to be boiled.


We want to provide every school child with a free breakfast. Most of the children receive very little food at home, and arrive at school feeling weak.


The children often suffer from water-borne diseases and malnourishment. We want to provide free healthcare to the students, including those living with HIV/AIDS.

Ready to help?

Become a blessing to one of the children at New Seasons Nursery and Primary School by sponsoring them. Email Haggai to find out how.

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